£100 Giveaway!

Hello! It’s very exciting here at GG’s headquarters! To celebrate launching the new SS16 collection (available here we’ve just launched a nice juicy giveaway! All you have to do is follow @ggspinupcouture on Instagram and follow the instructions on the post to be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of GG’s hair accessories (and you can choose which designs – subject to availability).

get shit done! (3)

So what are you waiting for? Get following us on Instagram and enter!

Speak soon with a more detailed update – Good luck!




A Preview of our New Spring Summer 2016 Collection!

I’m so excited to launch our new collection! It launches on Friday March the 4th and we’ve managed to keep it under wraps since January (with the odd sneak peek on Instagram). We arranged a photoshoot back in January with the amazing Flashes and Lashes, who we’ve worked with previously on a shoot when GG’s had just started. They are fantastic and so helpful. They asked if we had a mood-board so that we could make sure we were on the same page in terms of the overall look we needed for the collection and we think they totally nailed it!

Here are the new designs – there are 10 in total, ranging in price from £12 to £38 so prices to suit every budget. I’ve shortened my waiting times too for the made to order pieces so each item will take less than 5 working days to be made and posted and with as much remade and restocked as possible to keep most things in stock at all times. (We all want things quicker, right?)

What do you think of the new designs? Which one is your favourite? let us know in the comments or on Instagram!

Summer Blooms Floral Wreath 




Heart Eye Emoji Glitter Fascinator


Rainbow Rose Hairband


Rainbow Ombre Ribbon Micro Fascinator


The Honeysuckle Fascinator


The Mini Rose Rainbow Fascinator

3 (1)

Red Roses Headband


Miniature Rainbow Rose Fascinator


Cherry Micro Fascinator


Strawberry Micro Fascinator


All images with model by Flashes and Lashes

Don’t forget to let us know what you think – we love to hear your feedback!

See you tomorrow at 9 for the launch!


A Typical Day at GG’s

One of the best things about being self-employed is being able to decide how and when anything gets done. As fun as this sounds I’ve noticed that in order to be and to stay productive I have to have a strict routine. I work from home and being surrounded by my own home comforts it is so easy to fall into the trap of stay-in-onesie-all-day-social-network-surfing-and-internet-shopping mode. The temptation is real, so I’ve created a basic structure for my day. I know if I stick to this and focus, my productivity stays up.

A typical day goes like so:

7am: Alarm goes off. Put on snooze x4. Andrew, my husband gets up and leaves me in bed to assume starfish postition. Bliss.

7.45: Think about getting up. I’m a mum so before I start anything I have to get my little one (Tlws, 10) up and ready for school, so I go into Tlws’ bedroom to wake her up. She is almost never up before me as, like her mum, she likes her sleep. Tlws asks for ‘5 more minutes’ so I go downstairs to prepare her breakfast and get her lunchbox ready. If I’m REALLY organised I’d have done this the night before, but this almost never happens.

7.50: If my dog, Fritz wakes up, let him out for a wee and poo if he hasn’t been already and feed him.

8am-8:40am: Go upstairs to make sure Tlws is moving. Give Tlws her breakfast, get her ready for school and wave Andrew and Tlws off in my onesie on the doorstop (classy! haha)

9am: Eat breakfast, have my obligatory two cups of tea, then I make myself get dressed. I’ve found that even though I work from home and onesies are amazing, I am 100 per cent more productive if I get dressed and put some make up on. I feel better too, and less embarrassed to answer the door to the hunky postman.


9.30am: Go upstairs and sit at my desk. Log on to my computer and check emails and social media. Reply to emails and Social Media comments. I am very strict with the time I give myself on social media as the temptation to stay on it, lurking and bouncing back and forth each one for a nose is very strong!

10am: Begin work. Depending on where I’ve left off the day before, this may consist of packing up orders for the post or continuing making orders that are outstanding. As I make a lot of handmade cupcakes I spend a lot of time bulk-making those.

11.30am: I always get hungry around now so I make myself a sandwich and another cup of tea.

12pm: Continue working, the work I do varies from day to day depending on what’s been ordered but it mainly consists of cutting out glitter fabric, gluing, sculpting and sewing. I have to wear glasses as my eyes get tired. I’ve also noticed that my posture is getting atrocious from leaning over a desk all day so I’m trying to correct that too by doing a bit of yoga here and there and remembering to sit up straight! Most of the crafters I’ve spoken to have the same problem. Eek!

2-3pm: Walk to the Post Office down the road from me and drop off the bag of parcels, come back and take Fritz out for a walk up the mountain behind my house. He’s a greyhound cross, so he needs a good run every day and getting out of the house is SO important when you work from home on your own! Check emails and social media.

3.30pm: Tlws is back from school so I like to spend a couple of hours with her, talking, or doing something interesting like drawing together or watching Miranda Sings on the internet (Tlws’ current favourite!)

4pm: Andrew comes home from work. I’m so lucky as Andrew does most of the cooking (as I’m hopeless) so usually Andrew makes us tea (dinner).

6pm: Yoga or exercise. Currently challenging myself to work my upper body strength in order to do a  pullup on the bar Andrew’s put up above the kitchen door. Not going too well but I’m persisting! I need a challenge.

7.30-8pm: Tlws goes to bed after story and bath.

8.30-9.30pm: Tidy up my workshop and finish off any loose ends.

10-12: Have a bath, watch something on Netflix usually!




Great Press for GG’s Pin-up Couture !

Well it’s been a really exciting month so far! Earlier in the month I spoke to the South Wales Echo and to Wales Online about my struggle with depression and how I’ve used craft and millinery in particular to overcome my demons. You can read my interview here. I went away after being interviewed thinking it was going to be a little column somewhere on Wales Online but I was thrilled to find that I ended up on the front page of the South Wales Echo! It felt pretty strange to be honest, particularly as I was laying myself bare to the world and telling everyone that I’d been ill. I’m glad I did it though as I hope someone else who is suffering might be encouraged by it. Depression is nothing to be ashamed about! Not only was I on the front cover but I had a double page spread with loads of pictures of me and my hats from GG’s Pin-up Couture! Pretty amazing!

Then about a week later I was contacted by a client to say that she had worn a mask purchased from my Etsy shop to the Save Venice Ball. Here is the lovely message I received:
Dear GG –
I found your company and purchased through Etsy last year the amazing
Black Galleon Half-mask Fascinator with ethically sourced ostrich plumes I am a board member of the Save Venice Society in Boston, MA and I wore it to our annual masked ball (the NY ball was just last weekhttp://www.vogue.com/…/save-venice-black-and-white-masquer…/). I can send you pictures if you’d like – your mask was the winner of the night!
As mentioned in the lovely email from my client, the event is covered by Vogue magazine so it is pretty big in the fashion world! 
Picture of Elizabeth wearing the mask by GG’s Pin-up Couture
So to sum up I’m feeling pretty happy right now with the direction GG’s is going in! Long may all this attention continue l)
To browse my latest designs please visit www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk

New Designs for Spring!

I’ve been working hard creating some new designs for spring and summer. I also have a product shoot this Saturday so will be adding even more designs very soon including rockabilly and vintage style hair flower clips, floral crowns, hair scarves, and smaller clips. In the meantime, here’s some already on my site.

steampunk, vintage, gold, clock, gothic, glitter, alternative, fascinator

rabbit, toadstool, spring, bridal, fascinator, hat, cute, kitsch, quirky, vintage, hat

flower crown, festival, floral headband, peach, bohemian, bridal, bridesmaid

kitsch, kawaii, fascinator, peach, pink, vintage, retro, cute, hat

purple, rockabilly, flower, fascinator, pinup, vintage,

ivory, rockabilly, hairflower, pinup, vintage, orchid, retro
Take a peek at all my range at www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk

10 Things to Make with Glitter

It’s no secret that I love glitter; it stems from my Manic Street Preachers obsession when I used to wear glitter like war paint all over my eyes and cheeks! I use glitter in a lot of my fascinators as I love the effect it creates – I never get tired of it and have it in every colour imaginable. It seems I’m not alone in my love of glitter and I’ve found some really cool things to do with this wonderful, magical creation!

#1 – Glitter Staircase

How fab is this?! 

#2 – Glitter Ice Cubes

Be sure to use edible glitter!
 How to Make Glitter Ice Cubes




Hide Your Dark Circles


Throw it at Someone!
(OK you might want to suss out how the recipient is going to react. You may not wish to approach strangers with this…)
Why not try some of these?

To see some of my glitter fascinators please visit www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk